Deer Lick Galaxy Group NGC 7331

Deer Lick Galaxy Group NGC7331

Deer Lick Galaxy Group NGC7331

I was out on August 28, 2012 shooting various objects in the night sky when I found out that I could view the Deer Lick Galaxy Group from my backyard.  At a mere 49 million lightyears away, this is the furthest deep sky object I have photographed so far.  This is not the greatest shot but you can see the largest Galaxy in the group.  The exposure was not long enough to capture light from the other Galaxies so I will have to revisit this one.

The Deer Lick Galaxy Group was coined by Tom Lorenzin (author of “1000+ The Amateur Astronomers’ Field Guide to Deep Sky Observing”) to honor Deer Lick Gap in the mountains of North Carolina, from which he had especially fine views of the galaxy group.

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