IC 410

Composed of denser cooler gas and dust the, “tadpoles” are around 10 light-years long, potentially sites of ongoing star formation. Sculpted by wind and radiation from the cluster stars, their tails trail away from the cluster’s central region. IC 410 lies some 12,000 light-years away, toward the constellation Auriga.


IC 410 in Ha IC410-HST-Michael Morgan Final V2HP


IC 410 (The Tadpoles)


Ha: December 22 & 26, 2013

SII: December 25 & 26, 2013

OIII: December 26, 2013


Telescope: Takahashi Sky 90II with F/4.5 reducer/flattener

Camera: SBIG ST-10XME w/ CFW10 (Astrodon 3nm Ha, SII, and OIII Filters)

Autoguider: Orion Starshoot

Guidescope: Orion 50mm

Mount: Celestron CG-5 Mount

Exposure Info: Ha: 10 x 20 mins
SII: 10 x 20 minsOIII: 10 x 20 mins

Total Exposure Time: 10 Hours


Maxim DL 5.23, Photoshop CS6, Topaz Denoise


This is one of the first time imaging with 20 minute sub exposures.  Also used a new technique using the high pass filter in Photoshop to bring out more detail in the Nebula

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