Perseid Meteor Shower 2013

This year, I was lucky enough to catch the Perseid Meteor Shower in two locations.  The shower kicked off while I was up in Lake Tahoe on our yearly family vacation.  Of course, I brought my DSLR and tripod so I could see if I could capture one of these meteors.  I saw some very colorful fireballs up in Tahoe, which is first time I saw this type of meteor before.  One of the memorable meteors burned up red and green as it blazed across the sky.  Although I did not capture a meteor up in Tahoe, I got a really nice photo with the Milky Way in the backdrop.


Fast forward to the next night as I set out to capture one of these elusive meteors from my backyard.  I sat outside for a couple hours and I took about a hundred photos.  About 10 minutes before I headed in, I changed the view of the camera to focus on a different part of the sky.  I figured if I was not going to catch a meteor on camera, I might as well get a cool wide field shot of the Andromeda Galaxy.  I started taking exposures and a meteor burned up  over the tree I was shooting and I prayed that it was caught on the camera.  I looked and sure enough it was so I packed it up for the night.  These meteors are the first I have seen burn up in color and typically this particular shower produced colorful ones.  I wonder if the particular meteor was very rich in nickel as it burned up green as it entered the atmosphere.


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