ScopeBuggy Mini for a Losmandy G11 Mount


Back Story

I started out imaging deep space using a Celestron CG-5 Mount, which was an excellent starter mount. It was light, easy to set up, and was able to carry my Takahashi Sky90 refractor with ease.  As I got more experience imaging, I realized that I needed a second telescope to reach more distant galaxies and get up close to parts of Nebulae that were spectacular.  I purchased a used Celestron C9.25 and quickly realized my CG-5 mount was unable to carry the load.  I then went on the hunt for a Losmandy G11 mount and quickly found a local astronomer who was selling his.  Seizing the day, I drove over to meet him and I purchased a ‘like new’ Losmandy G11.

Enter the ScopeBuggy

Now having a Losmandy G11 mount in my possession, I calculated the weight of just the mount along and it came to 92 pounds.  I quickly figured out that this setup was going to be way too heavy for me to just simply haul outside so I went in search for a solution to this issue.  I came across the ScopeBuggy webiste and found the solution for me!  A ScopeBuggy is a specialized T-bar with large rubber wheels designed to make your astronomy equipment mobile.  What an ingenuous idea!  There are feet that the tripod legs securely sit on Scope Buggy and a nice handle to maneuver the rig around any obstacle.  It has a really nice turning radius too (if you are into that sort of thing like me).  The proof was in the putting at this point!  At first light, I wheeled the ScopeBuggy out to my backyard with ease and setup time was reduced from 30 mins down to a quick 3 minutes since I did not have to construct the mount and telescope from scratch.  In addition to not having to build everything each night, I was able to attach a power strip, power supplies, and implement a cord management system using Velcro and zip ties to make set up and tear down even faster.  I am 150% satisfied with my ScopeBuggy and would highly recommend it to anyone either observing or imaging.

Losmandy g11 Gemini 2 Mount 3


Setting up the ScopBuggy Mini was a breeze.  I took about 15 minutes to put all of the parts together and here is a photo journal of that experience:






If you have made it down here, make sure to visit the ScopeBuggy website and purchase one of these fine products made right here in the good ole USA!

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