Using AstroTortilla to Plate Solve Objects


I recently downloaded a plate solving program called AstroTortilla, which is a program that corrects GoTo alignment and centers objects you are trying to shoot.  Before using this program, my GoTo alignment would vary from night to night and if I am shooting the same object, I would have to crop out a portion of the object since the mount did not slew exactly to the position I had the night before.  After I successfully installed and set up the program, thanks to this amazing tutorial, I tried it out on the Pelican Nebula (IC 5070).  After plate solving the nebula, it was a clear night so I decided to image for a couple hours until the clouds rolled in.  Under the full moon, I can only image through the Hydrogen Alpha (Ha) filter so I went out the next night and collected more data on the Pelican Nebula.  The AstroTortilla program performed flawlessly each night.  As you can see in the image below, the only cropping will have to do to this image is due to drift, which is an insignificant amount of image loss.

The black border around the image represents the amount of cropping that is needed due to drift

The black border on the right of the image represents the amount of cropping needed due to drift


2 comments to Using AstroTortilla to Plate Solve Objects

  • Kayron Mercieca  says:

    I’m happy to read you found my tutorial very useful. My thanks for your comments! Wonderful image too, by the way – I love the fine detail in the central nebulosity!

    • isg  says:

      You are welcome and thank you for posting such a detailed tutorial. You have a great site and your resources are invaluable

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